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Hình ảnh nhân viên EIC.

The First Difference:


We understand that the achievements that EIC has created in the present are from the dedicated contribution of the whole team.

At EIC, we determine that the main factor in creating change, breakthroughs, and success in the company’s development is people. Therefore, the Board of Directors of EIC has set a vision based on core values and recruitment policy on how to attract more talents. Each member of EIC is carefully selected and trained by the company in professionalism and ethics with the criteria of objectivity, honesty, dedication, and high responsibility.

We build a working environment of “Fairness, Cooperation, Sincerity & Professionalism.”

EIC has many reasonable remuneration and welfare policies for staff to maximize its capacity and stick with its development for a long time.

Fairness: EIC always ensures fairness in assessing the capacity and work performance of personnel. We implement policies that ensure all EIC members are equal. Thanks to that, EIC receives the total dedication of all employees. Currently, we are still constantly improving and dedicated to implementation.

Cooperation – Sincerity: Our staff is always “burning” at work with the spirit of “dare to think – dare to do”; everyone always unites to achieve the goals of EIC.

Professionalism: The workplace is spacious. Each employee is fully equipped with modern working equipment by the company, a safe and clean working environment to the professional working style of the staff.

Hình ảnh các thành viên công ty CP Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam đang tham gia chương trình teambuilding.
Hình ảnh các nhân viên nữ trong một sự kiện quan trọng của công ty CP Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).

Remuneration and welfare policy: EIC always updates information about the labor market to have a flexible and appropriate salary and bonus policy. We regularly add better policies and benefits with the desire that “EIC WILL BECOME A SECOND HOME FOR ALL COMPANY EMPLOYEES!”

One of EIC’s development orientations is to be the company with the best working environment and life care for employees in Vietnam!

“A platform of thoroughness, elevating business” – For many years, EIC has considered this the guideline for all activities and development orientation of the company. “Thoroughness” here is “Thoroughness” in each project, “Thoroughness” in each customer.
In addition to personnel issues, EIC is always a pioneer in investing in modern machinery and equipment, updating new technology software to serve the work of inspection, testing, analysis and calibration, measurement… We always follow the guidelines and regulations of the commodity associations, the International Organization for Standardizations such as ISO, and the Management Agency State Administration rules.
Our field units, testing analysis centers all work according to recognized business processes with persistence regardless of day and night, hot or rainy, to ensure the work of our customers are on schedule, quickly, and on time. At EIC, our goal is to get every project running on schedule and budget. We are constantly working to ensure that EIC meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.
Our strength lies in our teamwork and our ability to work together to find the best solution to technical problems.
“When others see a problem, we see a solution!”
EIC always strives to become the “Dedicated companion” of the Enterprise because we always believe: “Customer’s success is our success!”

The Second Difference:

Hình ảnh Ông Vương Quốc Tuấn - Giám đốc Công ty CP Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC) đang phát biểu trong một sự kiện quan trọng.
Hình ảnh minh hoạ thương hiệu EIC - Công ty giám định uy tín hàng đầu tại Việt Nam với hoài bão Vươn Ra Biển Lớn.

The Third Difference:

Expectation reaching out to the great sea.

With a transparent and scientific management system, a “strong” human resources team, and a passion for constant dedication to quality, EIC always cherishes a great intention and ambition to raise the bar for the brand EIC brand extends to the Region beyond to the World.

In our journey of “reaching out to the great sea”, we have strived for continuous improvement in operations, sensitivity in capturing market needs and flexibly responding to customer requirements so that EIC continually develops thrive. We are committed to quality on each service under the EIC brand. With substantial economic potential and a team of highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff, we believe that each service we provide will bring absolute satisfaction.

With the ambition of “Reaching out to the great sea”, EIC always strives to provide perfect quality services as a partner of the highest quality, safety and trust for our customers. At the same time, we must always meet the strict technical requirements of the Customer in large-scale and complex projects.


Therefore, EIC has constantly improved and improved the streamlined and flexible working process and raised the level of EIC’s engineering team. We aspire to implement and create projects of Vietnamese stature.


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