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Information About Service

EIC uses the method of measuring three-dimensional spatial data of the surface of the pile bulk cargo with the Leica TCRA1200 R1000 Total Station and 3D rendering following the actual image of the pile. Then we use software to process the data. With this state-of-the-art technology, a bulk determination is done quickly and provides highly accurate results.

We understand the worries and concerns of customers in finding a reputable & professional partner unit that can help customers solve problems related to warehouse inventory.
With accurate, reliable, fast, and timely execution time with reasonable service costs, we can help your business be continuous and uninterrupted.

Hình ảnh giám định viên EIC ngoài dự án minh hoạ dịch vụ kiểm kê, xác định khối lượng đống hàng rời của công ty Cổ phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).


Cement, Coal, Clinker, Ore, Food, Grains, Bulk Grains, Coffee, Agricultural Products, Stone, Materials, fertilizers, etc.

Benefits From EIC's Services

1.) There is no cost to leveling bulk according to the classical method.

2.) The 3D image is accurately simulated according to the actual measurement.

3.) Use software to process data for fast results.

4.) Time to provide certificates quickly and promptly.

Hình ảnh tiếp khách hàng minh hoạ dịch vụ kiểm kê, xác định khối lượng đống hàng rời của công ty Cổ phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).
Hình ảnh các giám định viên EIC đang thực hiện công việc ngoài dự án.

EIC's Commitment

EIC always knows how to take advantage of the existing branches and member units in many provinces and cities to shorten the time and save costs for countless domestic and foreign customers.

Our experts are constantly researching and accessing advanced technologies and techniques with logic, meticulousness, and accuracy to meet the maximum requirements of customers.

We work with a severe attitude, determination, and perseverance regardless of the heat or rain to ensure the client’s work is on schedule as committed by EIC.

Instructions For Ordering Services By Online

Step 1: Customers click here to go to the Submit Service Request page.

Step 2: You fill in relevant information such as full name, title, company, email address, phone number, and subject to be calibrated and verified.

Step 3: After entering all information, please click the “Send Request” button to submit the request.

Immediately after receiving the request to order services via this Online form, EIC‘s professional department will contact you directly and support the earliest consultation!

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