Inspection and calibration oil/gas storage tank, pipeline systems

Determining the volume of liquid cargoes (oil, petroleum products, LPG, LNG, products after processing and chemicals) will help our clients reduce losses during business activities and improve economic efficiency. With specialized and modern equipment combined with advanced software, EIC provides services in inspection and calibration for the storage tanks with high precision in measurement techniques using laser technology (total station TCRA 1202 +). We will provide clients:

Flexim Flexus Classic Controls

Inspection and calibration oil/gas tankers, vessels and barges

Applying the new method from advanced countries in the world, EIC use the total station theodolite Leica TCRA1200 R1000 to measure: Generate three-dimensional space of the cargo holds; Create simulation of 3D images of the cargo holds with the actual size; Use specialized software to process data and build a volume index spreadsheet with the most accurate results.

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Stockpile inventory measurement, to determine the volume and weight of cargoes/commodities/bulks

We measure and construct a 3D on surfaces of bulk by the total station theodolite Leica TCRA1200 R1000, then render 3D realistic images of piles of goods. Using specialized software to process data and we can determine the volume of bulk quickly with highly accurate results.