The determination of suitability condition, capable of transporting cargoes on the river and sea of vessels is a prerequisite to ensure operation condition and safety for both people and assets. EIC must exploit all the methods of inspection to satisfy the requirements of the ship-owners, agents, carriers and enterprises.


EIC Marine warranty survey services completely comply with the international programs, regulations and terms. With a team of highly qualified, professional, experience, knowledge of the maritime sector, EIC has achieved many reputations from our clients in both domestic and foreign countries.

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Our services:

Vessel survey and Audit:

  • Suitability survey.
  • On/off hire, consumable and condition survey.
  • Pre-purchase /Pre-Delivery inspection.
  • Loss prevention & Pre-entry Condition Survey for P&I Club and H&M Underwriters.
  • Pre-Loading survey
  • Safety audit following IMCA or OVID ship inspection program
  • Shipyard and Project Risk Assessment following JH 143 Clause

Marine Warranty Survey:

  • Installation of offshore structure involving load-outs from shore to barge, towage to location and then installation at offshore site.
  • Load-out, transportation and installation of modules on FPSO and other vessel.
  • Shipment of special cargoes by non-conventional methods.
  • Towage of drilling rig, special barge and FPSO.
  • Installation of pipelines and subsea structures.

Accident investigation and Risk assessment:

  • Damage survey of Hull and Machinery, Claim and P&I work.
  • Third party Liability matters related to Marine P&I Associations (Cargoes damage, Crew Injury investigation, Cargoes contamination, Collision)
  • Condition Survey for Underwriters assessment.
  • Survey & Investigation for general & bulk cargoes damage.
  • Investigation for cargoes transit Damage/Losses.
  • Vessel collision damage survey.
  • Survey & Investigation of Shortage/Non-delivery of the cargoes.
  • Draft survey.

Other Marine Operation:

  • Offshore drilling location approval.
  • Marine advisor for rig move
  • Towage study, planning and management
  • Sea fastening design
  • Finite Element Analyses for strength and fatigue of marine structures
  • Stability, motion and mooring analyses
  • Marine operation simulation e.g. Jacket launch & upending, topside float over
  • Contracting works for weighing and load out of heavy structures


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Clients: PVI, Bien Dong POC, Cuu Long JOC, Hoan Long Hoan Vu JOC, PTSC POS, PVEP POC,…