EIC tự hào là đơn vị MWS giám định hàng hải cho dự án Nhà máy điện gió Hoà Bình 5.

EIC is proud to be the MWS unit for the Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant project

Hoa Binh 5 wind power plant located in Hoa Binh district, Bac Lieu, implemented by Hacom Bac Lieu Energy Joint Stock Company, has completed phase 1. Hoa Binh 5 wind power plant is the largest renewable energy project in the Mekong Delta, with a total investment capital of up to 3,700 billion VND. Hoa Binh 5 wind power plant was built on 32 hectares, with 26 wind turbines over 140 meters high with a capacity of 3.0 – 3.3 – 4.2 MW each. The plant is expected to produce 280,000 MWh of electricity per year.

Vietnam Energy Inspection Corporation (EIC) is honored to contribute to the success of this project as the MWS ( Marine Warranty Surveys) unit of marine safety inspection. This is one of the critical areas of EIC as a third party, independent surveyor, having the technical capability to assess maritime safety, certification function to approve lifting – lowering – installation for ships, projects operating at sea transport, loading and unloading, construction, installation, and towing.


You can find out more information about the Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant project here.

Photo of propellers lying in the yard at Long An international port.
Hình ảnh các cánh quạt nằm trong bãi ở Long An.

Photo of EIC performing maritime safety inspection unloading from the mother ship at Long An international port.

EIC tự hào là đơn vị MWS giám định hàng hải cho dự án Nhà máy điện gió Hoà Bình 5.
Photo of a vehicle carrying equipment is lowered onto a barge at Long An port.
Hình ảnh xe chở thiết bị hạ xuống xà lan tại cảng Long An.

We help survey to ensure maritime safety during the transportation of components (Blade, Nacelle, Tower, Hub, etc.) from the mother ship to the storage area at Long An port and from Long An port to them are the construction of the project. EIC is aware of the importance of ensuring safety when transporting these components to the success of the entire Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant project. We also understand the meaning of this project, which is to use wind energy to produce electric energy in combination with aquaculture, create stable jobs for people in Bac Lieu province, and increase local budget revenue annual basis; This project also contributes to economic restructuring for the whole region in general and Bac Lieu province in particular.
EIC engineers selected to participate in this work are leading experts in the field of marine surveys. These are well-trained personnel with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge. EIC has planned very carefully, calculating in each stage. Our goal when participating in this project is to ensure the highest safety when transporting turbine components to the project site and provide the highest quality of service and the highest quality absolute satisfaction for customers is Hacom Bac Lieu Energy Joint Stock Company.

Photo of an EIC surveyor performing maritime surveying at the stage of loading goods onto a super-heavy truck, transporting from the port to the yard, and safely lower it to the yard.

Hình ảnh giám định viên EIC đang thực hiện nghiệp vụ giám định hàng hải giai đoạn xếp hàng lên xe tải siêu trường siêu trọng, vận tải từ cảng vào bãi và hạ xuống bãi an toàn.

With the above clear goal, right from the initial survey stage, the inspection of occupational safety, fire prevention, and fighting is also strictly implemented by EIC regulations on a maritime safety inspection. Our inspectors are also very thorough when checking and assessing the suitability of the vehicles involved in the transportation and installation process. We give recommendations on defects that need to be overcome and advise customers before starting the project. At the same time, we check and evaluate the safety in the stage of transportation, lashing, monitoring the process of lifting and lowering the structures of wind turbine equipment so as not to cause any problems, ensuring the best quality of wind turbine equipment for installation and operation at Hoa Binh 5 wind power plant.

Photo of the EIC surveyor performing a technical safety survey for the stage of the Nacelle crane mounted on the pier in Bac Lieu.

Hình ảnh EIC thực hiện nghiệp vụ giám định hàng hải xuống hàng từ xà lan, lên xe tải, vận chuyển vào khu bãi thi công của dự án.

In addition, we also reviewed and analyzed the technical parameters of the vehicles and components; carried out an inspection of transport trailers, testing of lifting equipment, testing of transportation ground, bridges for transport trailers of load-bearing wind turbine components before granting permission for unloading or loading.
During the implementation of MWS services for the “Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant” project, EIC always adheres to maritime safety standards and regulations, conducts many meetings with customers and stakeholders to Update work progress. We listen, discuss with customers as well as offer quick and timely solutions to solve arising problems. As a result, almost no significant errors occur during the transportation stages:
1.) Stage of unloading from the mother ship at Long An international port;
2.) Stage of loading goods onto super-heavy trucks, transporting them from the port to the yard and safely dropping them to the yard;
3.) The stage of loading goods onto trucks, transporting them to the port, and loading them onto barges from Long An port to Cai Cung port – Bac Lieu;
4.) And finally, the stage of unloading from the barge onto the truck and transported to the project’s construction site.

Photo of propeller mounting on poles in Bac Lieu.

Hình ảnh giám định viên EIC đang thực hiện khảo sát an toàn cẩu hàng lên xe tải, chở ra cảng và xếp xuống xà lan từ cảng Long An đi cảng Cái Cùng – Bạc Liêu.

Turbine components are propellers up to 73 meters long and other equipment weighing from 80 tons to 120 tons. We understand that with such a large size and weight, it is not easy to use super-heavy transport vehicles through many stages as above. Therefore, during this process, even though everything has been carefully calculated and prepared, the EIC assessors are always in a state of readiness, regardless of the sun and wind, and are highly concentrated on making decisions constantly most accurate and correct. We always work with a new spirit of “burning hard” and “passionately devoted to quality.” During the implementation of the project, EIC has coordinated with the investor and the transport unit to propose safety measures to help transport smoothly and without any errors, making the installation possible convenient, and timely.

EIC is proud to be the MWS unit of marine survey for the Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant project.

EIC tự hào là đơn vị MWS giám định hàng hải cho dự án Nhà máy điện gió Hoà Bình 5.

Currently, global climate change is a “bell ring” to wake everyone up in protecting the environment. To reduce the situation of “global warming,” we are gradually reducing the use of fossil fuels and replacing them with clean energy sources. Therefore, using clean energy to produce electricity, the Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant project, plays a vital role. This project contributes to promoting the potential and advantages of Bac Lieu province, especially in line with the direction of the Prime Minister that “Bac Lieu develops in a green direction,” focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development steady.
Now, when the “Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant” project (phase 1) is entering the final steps for commercial operation (COD), soon, the people of Bac Lieu province in particular and Vietnam In our South in general, there will be a large-scale wind power plant with many vital roles such as: helping to concretize the national electricity development planning; contribute to energy security. This project also contributes to creating a solid push for the development of the tourism industry in Bac Lieu province, promoting economic growth for the locality and bringing many other benefits to the country. Thanks to that, people’s lives in Bac Lieu province will be improved, people will have a more prosperous and happier life.
As for EIC alone, after the stages are completed, our surveyors can breathe a sigh of relief and smile for real. At this time, the compliments from customers are what we feel honored for and bring the most joy. This is also an inspiration for each EIC member to have more motivation to continue striving, studying, and improving themselves. All members of EIC – We – work together to prepare EIC with a great internal force that can continue to implement more new projects, and certainly conquer more customers and thereby gain more customers. more companion. “The ship” EIC goes further in the journey of “Reaching Out To The Great Sea” and realizing its dream.

Photo of EIC inspectors at the project.

Hình ảnh giám định viên EIC chụp ảnh báo cáo công việc tại dự án.

When implementing many projects for countless domestic and foreign customers, EIC realizes that all risks arising from damage to any project item or equipment will delay the project’s progress. Most repair work cannot be done in Vietnam but must be sent abroad for repair, inspection, and replacement. This affects the progress of the project. Specifically, according to the plan, this “Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant” project must be completed before October 31, 2021. Despite having to go through many distances, the COVID-19 epidemic situation is still in a complicated stage (transportation time, blockade, directive 16 in areas, etc…). Shipping took more than two months. If problems arise during this period, there is not enough time to fix them. However, EIC experts have planned the best preparation for all situations, preventing issues that may arise. EIC actively arranges personnel to perform three on-site tasks at Long An, Cai Cung port, and the project construction area. In particular, the EIC assessors are still available 24/24 whenever the parties request.
One of the things that made EIC proud in this project is that we did not let any risks happen. With leading experts in the industry, we work with passion. Therefore, as expected, the results of EIC projects are equivalent to foreign units, but the cost is only 30% to 50%.
As you can see, the risk of causing the most significant loss during the transportation is often the leading cause of human negligence, specifically such as improper loading or unloading of goods, transportation in unsafe weather conditions, unsatisfactory means of transport, inappropriate working procedures, etc.
EIC provides MWS services to ensure safety and limit risks during project implementation, including transportation and installation processes. Our MWS service ensures that your goods are always safe and intact. We provide suggestions, recommendations, and warnings to help control risks and optimize transportation, installation, and operation. As a result, risks can be minimized during project implementation.
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If you need someone to answer your questions, consult about service-related issues, please call: 0938 912 538 or 0919 696 346, EIC’s experts will bring you the best informational support!
To order marine safety inspection services and services related to high-tech inspection of EIC, you can click here to go to the online service request page.

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