To strictly control the quality of imported machinery and equipment in a shipment as well as timely loss/damaged and incorrect quantity/quality of goods, it is crucial to call for an inspection organization. In addition, the inspection service is required to be carried out immediately at the departure/discharge ports, onboard the transportation, border gates and to the construction site/factory.


During performance of a contract, to save time, cost and resources, with the professional and experienced surveyors/inspectors in inspection of goods, materials, machinery, vehicles; EIC will assist our client to certify whether the exported/imported goods meet the requirements mentioned in the contract or project requirements and regulations of the state or not.



Our services:

  • Inspection of quantity, quality, weight and type of materials;
  • Inspection of type, quantity, technical specification and condition of goods, comparing with documents of goods lot/packing list…
  • Inspection of the scopes of work and the specialization of machinery;
  • Inspection of the remaining quality of the second-hand machinery and equipment/technology lines according to the current regulations.
  • Inspection of origin, synchronism of machinery system;
  • Inspection of quality of machinery and equipment/production lines;
  • Supervision of the installation, testing during the course of running with/without load with each individual equipment, start-up, trial run;
  •  Inspection  of  damaged packages/goods during the transportation;
  • Inspection of import eligibility, export appraisal and valuation for customs purposes.


Objects: Production lines, equipment of civil and industrial projects; imported materials, machinery and equipment, spare parts, specialized machinery… 


  • Thermal Power plants: Vung Ang, Thai Binh, Nhon Trach…
  • Hydro Power plants: Hua Na, Dong Nai 5, Daksin, Xekaman (Lao)…
  • Others: Casumina, Phu Tho Ethanol, PVPS Ca Mau…


  • Certification ISO 9000
  • Certification ISO 17020: 2012.
  • Certificate registration of inspection services for the state customs management.
  • Đăng ký dịch vụ giám định máy móc thiết bị cũ theo thông tư 23 của Bộ Khoa học Công Nghệ.