With the high amount of exported/imported goods and value, the even a loss in a small amount can significantly affect the economic interests. Therefore, in commercial business, the signatories are highly recommended to designate an independent organization, which is neutral, capable and prestige to conduct inspection services. The designated inspection organization will help the related parties ensure the origin/quality/quantity as consistent with in the contract and regulations of the state. Also, the issued results should show the actual status and value of goods, especially it could help the related parties to protect the value, minimize risks and commercial losses.


        To meet the high requirements of our clients, EIC provide our inspection services with a team of professional, experienced and in-depth knowledge surveyors/inspectors and our results are independent and ensure benefits of our clients. We provide our services throughout the territory of Vietnam and perform accurate, honest and timely results.


    • Agricultural products: Rice, corns, pepper, cassava chips, soybeans, vegetable oil, compressed rice husks, wood chips, oil palm…
      Hinh 4 2 Hang hoa
  • Mineral products: Coal, ores, silica sand, stone, clinker, construction materials (cement, all types of brick, glass…)


Our services:

  • Determination of goods by draft survey.
  • Inspection of quantity, specification, condition of package as well as date of manufacture and expiry.
  • Sampling for laboratory testing.
  • Shipping supervision and cargoes tally.
  • Supervising loading/discharging goods.
  • Inspection of cleanliness of transportations …
  • Suitability and condition inspection of transportation (ship, barge, auto…)
  • Inspection on lashing/securing/stowage/dunnage/ condition of goods in container, on board/at holds of ship…
  • Goods condition inspection.
  • Supervising the quantity determination of goods at scale and bridge scale.
  • Volume inspection of liquid cargoes transported by ship, container… …
  • Pre-shipment inspection.
  • Consultant for cargoes loss and damage control (loss precaution and limitation).
  • Cargoes loss/damage inspection.


  • Insurance companies: PVI, Bao Viet, BIC, Bao Long…
  • Others: Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant, PVPower, Thuan An Coal, Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant …


  • Certification ISO 9000
  • Certification ISO 17020: 2012.