Inspection of Equipment, Machinery

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Inspection of Equipment, Machinery


EIC brand in the past 13 years is one of the leading prestigious organizations in Vietnam. We have extensive experience and expertise in certification, training, inspection, testing, and inspection. In which, the assessment of machinery and equipment is one of the strengths of EIC.

EIC can help you solve problems related to the import of machinery and equipment such as inspection, proof of quantity, quality, condition, origin, synchronization, the scope of use and calculation, specialized service of a shipment of imported machinery and equipment is correct as in the purchase and sale contract, following the requirements of the project and following the regulations of the State management agency.

EIC conducts inspection right at the departure terminal, on the ship/means of transport, port, border gate, during transportation, loading, and unloading until the factory/construction site/place of goods gathering.

We help buyers/sellers, users, and related parties (contractors, carriers, insurance) protect their economic interests and interests when commercial disputes occur.

We support State management agencies by providing accurate and objective inspection results for management purposes such as tax imposition, import and export clearance, liquidation and settlement of companies, investment process, and anti-commercial fraud.

Giám định máy móc thiết bị
Giám định máy móc thiết bị

Inspection Objects:

Machinery, equipment…


Individuals, organizations, State agencies, Customs offices, import-export companies, businesses, investors…

Hình ảnh minh hoạ dịch vụ giám định vật tư, máy móc và thiết bị của công ty EIC.

Inspection Services:

With professional methods and professional supporting tools, EIC assessors will help your business determine the suitability of machinery, materials, and equipment with documents such as Packing slip ( P/L), Invoice (Invoice), or Contract for equipment supply, technical papers, design, and manufacturing drawings…

We provide many services, including:

1.) Inspection of quantity, quality, and condition of machinery and equipment;

2.) Inspection of types, specifications, and technical characteristics of machinery and equipment;

3.) Inspecting the scope of use and specialized use of machinery and equipment;

4.) Remaining quality assessment of used machinery/technological lines according to Circular 23/BKHCN;

5.) Inspecting the uniformity and origin of machinery and equipment;

6.) Quality inspection of machinery, equipment/technology lines;

7.) Inspection of loss of machinery and equipment (if any);

8.) Expertise solicits expertise for Customs.

Customers Who Have Used EIC's Services:

Thermal Power: Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant, Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant, Nhon Trach Thermal Power Plant.

Hydroelectricity: Hua Na Hydropower Plant, Dong Nai 5 Hydropower Plant, Dakshin Hydroelectricity, Xekaman Hydropower.

Other projects: Casumina, Phu Tho Ethanol Factory, PVPS Ca Mau…

Hình ảnh minh hoạ dịch vụ giám định vật tư, máy móc, thiết bị của công ty Cổ Phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).
Certificate Of EIC:

Quality management system certification for the provision of ISO 9000 Commercial Inspection services.

The certificate recognizes inspection competence in accordance with the requirements of the standard – ISO 17020: 2012.

Register for assessment services to serve the state management of Customs.

Register for inspection service of old machinery and equipment according to Circular 23 of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Hình ảnh minh hoạ dịch vụ giám định vật tư, máy móc, thiết bị của công ty Cổ Phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).
Hình ảnh các giám định viên EIC làm việc ngoài dự án.
Hình ảnh minh hoạ dịch vụ giám định vật tư, máy móc, thiết bị của công ty Cổ Phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).
Hình ảnh minh hoạ dịch vụ giám định vật tư, máy móc, thiết bị của công ty Cổ Phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).

We have a team of experts specializing in machinery and equipment including many engineers in electrical, electronic, mechanical, information technology, automation, … with seniority in these sectors.
EIC’s leadership regularly creates conditions for employees to learn and access the latest technology. EIC also has standard work procedures and the most modern system of technical equipment.

We are committed to giving you and your business absolute peace of mind and trust.

We have large testing centers and branches in the provinces. Therefore, EIC supports you very quickly with after-sales support services.

The easiest and fastest, please use EIC's online service form order.

Follow the instructions beside to help you order EIC's service:

Step 1: Customers click here to go to the Submit Inspection Request page.

Step 2: You fill in the relevant information such as specifying the time and location of the assessment, the contact person; estimated time of loading and unloading, information about means of transport; shipment, etc…

Step 3: After entering all information, please click the “Send Request” button to submit the request.

The specialized department of the EIC will contact you immediately and advise you as soon as possible!

EIC is committed to dedicated service!