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 Determining the volume of liquid cargoes (oil, petroleum products, LPG, LNG, products after processing and chemicals) will help our clients reduce losses during business activities and improve economic efficiency.


        With specialized and modern equipment combined with advanced software, EIC provides services in inspection and calibration for the storage tanks with high precision in measurement techniques using laser technology (total station TCRA 1202 +). We will provide clients:


  • Create the volume index spreadsheet with high accuracy.
  • Ensure the legality of the spreadsheet issued for types of measuring devices, which is regulated by state.
  • Application of international standards to improve the accuracy of the survey spreadsheet.
  • Provide solutions to carry out the measurements for storage tanks containing or not containing goods, including underground tanks.
  • Rapid implementation time, only half of the time compared to traditional methods.


Our services:

  • Inspection and calibration many types of liquids and compressed gases storage tanks: spherical tank, cylindrical tank, horizontal tank, oil pipeline…

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Methods of implementation:

  • Use water to perform the inspection and calibration.
  • Geometrical methods geometry: measured by the total station theodolite Leica TCRA1200 + R1000 and kits, following to the current national standards


Legal capacity:

  • Registration certificate for providing services in inspection, calibration and testing measuring device and measurement standards.
  • The decision on the appointment of organizations in inspection, calibration, testing of measuring devices and measurement standards.
  • Surveyors/inspectors have metrological certificates issued by the regulations of the state.