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Information About Service

EIC specializes in measuring and tabulating capacity for barges and ships carrying petroleum by using specialized equipment as the Leica TCRA 1200 R1000 Electronic Total Station. This equipment helps measure three-dimensional data of the cargo hold and simulate the image of the cargo hold in 3D true to the actual size. Then we use software to process the data.
This advanced method helps the construction of the volume lookup table bring the most accurate results today. EIC is proud to be the first unit to use this method in Vietnam.

EIC surveyors with many years of experience in the inspection and calibration of ships and barges will always be available to advise and provide excellent solutions to customers’ problems.

Hình ảnh Tàu chở dầu minh hoạ dịch vụ kiểm định, hiệu chuẩn các Tàu chứa Dầu, Xà Lan của công ty EIC.

Main Services

1.) Inspection and calibration of Oil Tankers.

2.) Inspection and calibration of Barges.

Benefits From EIC's Services

1.) Quick implementation time and low cost for measurement work.

2.) Accurate data compared with classical methods.

3.) Use software to process data.

4.) Flexible data lookup on website.

5.) Apply international standards following current regulations.

Hình ảnh minh hoạ dịch vụ kiểm định, hiệu chuẩn các Tàu chứa Dầu, Xà Lan của công ty EIC.
Hình ảnh minh hoạ dịch vụ kiểm định, hiệu chuẩn các Tàu chứa Dầu, Xà Lan của công ty EIC.

EIC's Commitment

We understand how important it is to deliver results with accurate data to help our customers in their production and business. Therefore, EIC Inspectors always conduct inspection and calibration work, step by step, strictly complying with the recognized Standard Work Procedure.

With the meticulousness and dedication of each EIC assessor, we set a goal in each project to bring the best service and peace of mind to our customers.

Instructions for Ordering Services by Online

Step 1: Customers click here to go to the Submit Service Request page.

Step 2: You fill in relevant information such as full name, title, company, email address, phone number, and subject to be calibrated and verified.

Step 3: After entering all information, please click the “Send Request” button to submit the request.

Immediately after receiving the request to order services via this Online form, EIC‘s professional department will contact you directly and support the earliest consultation!

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