Goods Damage Assessment

by Ái Diễm Nguyễn Lê




When detecting damaged goods, you need to notify and send dispatch immediately to relevant parties, specifically the carrier (captain), ship agent, insurance, seaport, logistics & forwarder, charterers, sellers, buyers, and other appropriate responsible parties. If the loss causes tremendous damage, immediately notify the port authority and the court.

Then request to keep the current state of goods, make a record to record the actual loss of goods and sign it by the witnessing parties. You can send a request for goods loss assessment immediately to EIC via the online channel. We will advise on procedures and solutions to prevent losses from spreading and minimize the risks arising to protect the interests of your business to the maximum extent.

Because in cargo loss, there are many different reasons and levels of damage, EIC assessors have in-depth experience in the characteristics of each type of goods, every kind of means of transport. We will assess the loss and damage by combining professional measures such as sensory methods, sampling analysis with the EIC laboratory.

After evaluating and rechecking the results, we will advise and answer your questions and concerns. From there, you can use the EIC’s transparent and accurate inspection results as a basis to negotiate for compensation or auction damaged goods, etc.

Hình ảnh nhân viên EIC trong phòng thí nghiệm giới thiệu dịch vụ giám định tổn thất hàng hoá của công ty EIC.


1.) Determine the actual condition of the goods.

2.) Determine the number and volume of goods lost.

3.) Determine the extent of the loss, the cause of the loss (direct and indirect causes).

4.) Advising the Client/ Requester for assessment measures to handle and prevent loss from spreading (limiting loss).

5.) Issuance of damage assessment certificate as a basis for claiming compensation.


Hình ảnh trao giải cho nhân viên xuất sắc của Công ty Cổ phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).


When detecting cargo loss, it is necessary to inspect immediately at the port of discharge or the final receiving warehouse before moving the goods from the ship to the last warehouse, so it will be easier to determine the correct cause of the damage loss as well as the extent of the damage. Moreover, the loss assessment certificate will have a higher legal effect in claiming compensation.

Understanding the importance of this issue, EIC is always there and ready to assist you IMMEDIATELY. Just call the hotline number or fill in the online request form at this website, you will receive the most timely and optimal support advice!

Hình ảnh minh hoạ dịch vụ giám định tổn thất hàng hoá của công ty Cổ Phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).


Step 1: Customers click here to go to the Submit Inspection Request page.

Step 2: You fill in the relevant information such as specifying the time and location of the assessment, the contact person; estimated time of loading and unloading, information about means of transport; shipment, etc.

Step 3: After entering all information, please click the “Send Request” button to submit the request.

The specialized department of the EIC will contact you immediately and advise you as soon as possible!


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