Công ty EIV thực hiện kiểm định kỹ thuật an toàn tại Kho ngầm lớn nhất Đông Nam

ETV Company Performance Safety Engineering Inspection At The Biggest Underground Godown In Southeast Asia

For the first time, the most extensive underground storage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Southeast Asia was built and is about to operate in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. The work is below the depth from more than 100m to nearly 200m above sea level, with a massive capacity of 240,000 tons.


The inspectors of the ETV company performed a partial safety technical inspection of equipment and pipeline systems at Hyosung vina company. For the first time, we went down to the underground LPG storage tunnel nearly 200 meters deep below the surface seawater to inspect the LPG import and export pipeline system.


bt1 1

Photo of tunnel mouth


Underground LPG storage includes two liquefied gas storage tunnels. The deepest point of the underground propane storage warehouse is located at a depth of -150m to -172m; the deepest bottom is -192m above sea level. This warehouse has a capacity of 170,000 tons with four storage compartments; each compartment is 17m wide and 22m high. Butane gas storage is located at depths from -110m to -132m, with the deepest point being -152m above sea level. This warehouse has a capacity of 70,000 tons with two compartments. The total length of the tunnel of the warehouse is nearly 4.8km.


bt2 1

Photo of ETV inspector in the tunnel.

bt3 1

Photo location of LPG tunnel navel about 200 meters deep. ETV inspectors inspect the LPG import and export pipeline system; the propane warehouse is under construction.

bt4 1

Photo of spherical LPG tank on the ground, tested by ETV.

bt5 1

ETV inspector inspects pressure vessels.

Pham Thi Da Huong

Pham Thi Da Huong




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