EIC ra mắt dịch vụ Tra cứu chứng thư Online.

It's convenient when you use EIC's Online Certificate Research service

How does the EIC issue a certificate?

With EIC Lab Center equipped with modern tools, machines, and software, the smooth coordination between departments and experts goes through many stages. Even after the results are available based on the assessments performed, EIC’s professional department will check again to determine the most accurate answer to the customer’s inspection requests before issuing an EIC certificate. It is a process based on science, logic, and care because we understand the value and importance of a certificate to customers.

The reason why EIC launched the Online Certificate Research service

Minh hoạ chức năng tra cứu chứng thư online của EIC

Photo Illustrates the online certificate research function of EIC

With the biggest goal of bringing partners and customers a professional service experience with an absolute peace of mind, EIC constantly strives to perfect and upgrade the company’s service system based on the advanced technology platform. Thereby, EIC has gradually built trust, affirmed its reputation for solid development, and we are approaching the vision of “Becoming an organization providing inspection, testing and technical analysis services top art in Vietnam!

We believe that in this “flat world” era, EIC can provide the best support and solutions, the best utilities, to ensure benefits and increase convenience for customers in production and business activities, helping customers’ businesses thrive.

With that orientation, in the complicated epidemic situation, understanding the inconvenience and difficulties that customers are facing, we quickly integrated the online certificate lookup function right on the company’s official website EIC (www.eic.com.vn).

EIC ra mắt dịch vụ Tra cứu chứng thư Online

EIC launches Online Certificate Research service in August

Advantages of using our certificate research service

With a completely free online certificate research service, it only takes less than a minute; with a few simple steps, customers will be verified the essential information and the legality of the certificate in the form of a file PDF easy and secure communication.

When using this online lookup service, customers will receive the certificate promptly, most conveniently, and securely. Thereby ensuring the continuity of production and business activities to help enterprises develop more smoothly and powerfully.

Instructions for using the online certificate research service

EIC would like to inform customers that our Online Certificate Research Service has started operating right this August; the receipt of certificates will be sent online in the following form:

When EIC issues the certificate, the system will automatically send an email to the customer with the following content:

Hình hướng dẫn bước 1 tra cứu chứng thư online

Photo of email sending EIC's certificate lookup code

When receiving this email, please click on the lookup link in the email or click the green button below to go to the page to research EIC’s certificate:

Hướng dẫn bước 2 tra cứu chứng thư trực tuyến của EIC

Image of the online certificate research service screen interface and user manual

After entering the search code, only a few tens of seconds, the “Search results” section will appear as shown above.

Customers click on the file to download the information file to the machine.

If you encounter any difficulties during the operation, please contact EIC staff, we will support and guide you further!

Thank you to customers for using EIC's certificate service

In the coming time, EIC hopes to continue to be the first choice when customers and businesses need to use services: inspection, measurement and calibration, product certification, safety inspection, analysis testing, training consulting, testing for state management, and many other related services.

With the determination and enthusiasm of the entire Board of Directors and EIC staff, our great happiness is to become a companion and participate in the following projects of our customers.

EIC would like to send thanks and best wishes for health and prosperity to all businesses, partners, who have been, are, and will use our products and services!

EIC thanks customers for using our inspection service!

EIC cảm ơn khách hàng đã sử dụng dịch vụ giám định của chúng tôi
Nguyen Le Ai Diem
Nguyen Le Ai Diem




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