EIC recruits Sales Manager

EIC tuyenr dụng vị trí trưởng phòng kinh doanh.


1. Position: Sales Manager

1.) Quantity: 01
2.) Gender: Male (from 35 years of age or older), technical background is preferred.

2. Job Description:

In charge of and operating, managing all activities and personnel of the Sales Department:


2.1. Business work:


1.) Advise and advise the Company’s Board of Directors on management policies and business plans.
2.) Take care of existing customers & maintain a good relationship with customers.
3.) Report monthly and quarterly sales to the Director.
4.) Take responsibility before the Director for the approved sales results.
5.) Advise the Director on service pricing and policy.
6.) The focal point for business activities of the whole Company.
7.) Coordinate with Finance and Accounting Department in monitoring payment progress and debt collection.


2.2. Business development:


1.) Make a plan to find, approach and develop new customers and new services.
2.) Research, evaluate and develop markets, services, customers’ annual plans for service development.
3.) Forecast and expand the list of potential customers as well as market penetration.
4.) Analysis and evaluation of competitors.
5.) Coordinate with Marketing to organize activities and plan to build and promote the Company’s brand to customers.
6.) Attend trade events to support business.


2.3. Planning and strategic work:


1.) Develop short-term, medium-term and long-term plans and strategies.
2.) Planning Develop and implement business plans and plans to achieve revenue targets and business development plans set out monthly/quarterly/yearly.
3.) Coordinate with units to forecast monthly/quarterly/yearly sales.
4.) Building and developing customer service, organizing a system of strategic and potential customers.
5.) Responsible for Building, training, developing and guiding sales staff.
6.) Research and plan M&A.
* We will discuss other information in the interview.

3. Job Requirements:


3.1. Education & Expertise:

1.) University graduate or higher majoring in Foreign Trade / Business Administration / Maritime / Engineering (suitable to the Company’s industry).
2.) Having experience and knowledge in Inspection, Shipping, Energy, Agro-Forestry Products.
3.) English: master the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

3.2. Experience:

1.) At least five years in a sales manager position in oil and gas services, marine, inspection, import and export, logistics, etc.
2.) Mastering regulations and procedures of assessment and bidding is an advantage.
3.) Experience in planning and strategy development.

3.3. Skill:

Synthesize, analyze data, make reports and negotiate, negotiate and sign contracts
Skill in managing, assigning and supervising work
Good problem solving, communication and persuasion skills and able to work under high pressure.
Ability to plan and execute work according to plan, prioritize and manage multiple tasks.

3.4. Sex:

Male (from 35 years old or older), preferably with a technical background.

4. Workplace:

The Company’s head office is in Ho Chi Minh City.

5. Probation period: 02 months.

6. Salary and compensation policy:

Salary and compensation policy:

1.) Salary from 20 to 28 million or will be negotiated in person when participating in the interview.

2.) KPI/sales incentive according to the Company’s sales policy.

3.) Fully participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance.

4.) Participating in PVI care health insurance when signing the official labour contract.

5.) Other regimes and policies as prescribed by the Company.

7. Application information:

Send CV in advance; if the interview is successful, we will send a complete set of documents.



1.) Address: 32 Dao Duy Anh, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh.
2.) Subject to submit a CV via email: Full name_Position applied for
3.) Recipient: Administration & Human Resource Department (hr@eic.com.vn)
4.) Deadline for application submission: From the announcement date to the end of November 30, 2021, priority will be given to interviews with early submissions.


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