EIC recruits Branch Manager – Southwest Branch

EIC tuyển dụng vị trí giám đốc chi nhánh Tây Nam Bộ..


1. Position: Branch Manager

1.) Quantity: 01
2.) Gender: Male (from 35 years of age or older).

2. Job Description:

1.) Manage and administer all Branch activities, be responsible before the Company’s Director for the Branch’s activities.

2.) In charge of development, strategic orientation, business strategy of the Branch.

3.) Customer exploitation, regular contact to capture requirements and customer satisfaction, customer care policy within the scope of management.

4.) Directly deal with customer inquiries and complaints.

5.) Advise the Company’s Director on issues related to the Branch’s operations.

6.) Financial and accounting management, personnel organization at the Branch.

7.) Managing communication, organizing, assigning, directly disseminating, guiding, and inspecting the performance of duties of branch staff.

8.) Responsible for managing equipment and supplies assigned by the Company to serve the work.

9.) Make an annual training plan for the Branch staff.

10.) Ensure the implementation and maintenance of assigned tasks according to the Company’s ISO standards.

11.) Directing the implementation of contracts of the Branch.

12.) Brand building and development of the Branch/Company.

13.) Regularly report the work situation to the Director of the Company and perform other tasks as directed by the Director of the Company and the Board of Directors.

3. Job Requirements:

1.) University degree or higher majoring in Business Administration, Law, Commercial Economics, Engineering, etc.
2.) Knowledge of the field of inspection, testing, testing and have relationships with Enterprises using EIC services, departments, state management agencies and mass organizations in the field of operation. The action of the Branch.
3.) Understand and firmly grasp the guidelines and policies of the State.
4.) Good communication, know how to build and expand many social relationships.
5.) High responsibility, proactive spirit in the management and administration of business activities of the Branch.
6.) Have good leadership and persuasion skills.
7.) Having to experience in management and development orientation of the Company/Branch for 05 years or more.
8.) Foreign language skills: Fluent in English communication.
9.) Fluently use office computers, work-related software, work independently.

4. Workplace:

Southwest Branch – Can Tho

5. Probation period: 02 months.

6. Salary and compensation policy:

1.) Salary: 15,000,000 – 20,000,000 VND/month.

2.) Lunch allowance: 35,000 VND / actual working day; Phone: 600,000 VND/month.

3.) Participating in social insurance, health insurance, occupational accident and occupational disease and unemployment insurance when signing official labour contracts.

4.) Other welfare regimes: according to the Company’s regulations.

5.) Competitive salary, based on revenue and profit, is considered to increase each year according to business results and unexpected increases according to work performance.

6.) Attractive bonus including Tet bonus + 13th-month salary bonus, year-end bonus based on work performance.

7.) To participate in professional and skill courses to maximize personal capacity

8.) Opportunity for promotion, career development according to unlimited capacity, fully participating in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, PVI Care insurance.

7. Application information:

Send CV in advance; if the interview is successful, we will send a complete set of documents.


1.) Address: 32 Dao Duy Anh, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh.
2.) Subject to submit a CV via email: Full name_Position applied for
3.) Recipient: Administration & Human Resource Department (hr@eic.com.vn)
4.) Deadline for application submission: From the announcement date to the end of November 30, 2021, priority will be given to interviews with early submissions.


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