EIC Recruits Accountant Revenue & Accounts Receivable

EIC Tuyển Dụng Vị Trí Kế Toán Doanh Thu & Công Nợ Phải Thu.


1. Position: Accountant Revenue & Accounts Receivable

Quantity: 01

2. Job Description:

1.) Monitor and record, record debts according to customers, invoices, due debt dates, debt collection documents, other documents and record them into the software.

2.) Record other accounting vouchers as assigned according to regulations.

3.) Check records, coordinate, work with professional departments, branches and compare with customers to issue invoices to customers accurately, timely and following regulations.

4.) Store documents scientifically, ensure safety and quickly look up and search when needed.

5.) Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or irregularly make reports and report to superiors upon request (if any).

6.) Monitor and urge debt recovery; perform reconciliation and confirmation of debts periodically (monthly, quarterly, six months, annually) at the request of the company’s management.

7.) Perform other tasks as assigned by the Director and Chief Accountant.

3. Job Requirements:

1.) Graduated from College/University majoring in accounting, accounting – auditing.

2.) Having at least 02 years of experience in accounting, payment, tax, etc.

3.) Prioritize the proficient use of Misa accounting software.

4.) Mastering and understanding legal regulations in relevant professional fields.

5.) Master the current tax, financial and other policies and regimes.

6.) Decisive, independent work, under pressure and high sense of responsibility at work.

7.) Adhere to principles, honesty, and care.

8.) Computer literate (good at Excel, Word).

4. Salary and welfare regime:

1.) Income: 8,000,000 VND – 10,000,000 VND/month.

2.) Participating in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance.

3.) Lunch allowance: 35,000 VND / actual working day.

4.) Participating in social insurance, health insurance, occupational accident and disease insurance, unemployment insurance when signing the official labour contract.

5.) Other welfare regimes according to the Company’s regulations.

6.) Competitive salary and considered to increase every year, unexpectedly increase according to work performance.

7.) Attractive bonus including Tet bonus + 13th-month salary bonus, year-end bonus based on work performance.

8.) To participate in professional and skill courses to maximize personal capacity.

9.) Opportunity for promotion, career development according to unlimited capacity, fully participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, PVI Care insurance.

10.) Enjoy welfare policies: filial piety, personal birthdays, bonuses on holidays, annual travel and collective activities organized by the Company, etc.

5. Application requirements:

1.) Application form.

2.) Curriculum Vitae (with local certification).

3.) CV in English or Vietnamese.

4.) Original medical certificate (certified by district level or equivalent).

5.) Degree, certificate (notarized copy).

6.) ID card, household registration (notarized copy).

7.) The decision to terminate the labour contract of the working agency, the certificate of termination of salary payment (if any).

8.) Figure 3×4: 2 panels.

6. Probation period: 2 months.

7. Application information:

Send CV in advance; if the interview is successful, we will send a complete set of documents.


1.) Address: 32 Dao Duy Anh, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh.
2.) Subject to submit a CV via email: Full name_Position applied for
3.) Recipient: Administration & Human Resource Department (hr@eic.com.vn)


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