Ai đã thấy cánh gió thực tế được xếp trên tàu như thế nào chưa? cánh này có chiều dài 73m

EIC Implemented A Marine Safety Monitoring Package For Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power

Starting from May 13, 2021, ETI/EIC has begun to carry out the maritime safety monitoring work for the Hoa Binh 5 Wind Power Plant project in Bac Lieu; the job requirements are as follows:


1.) EIC was supervising the unloading process from the mother ship at Long An International Port.

2.) EIC was supervising the process of loading goods onto super-heavy trucks, transporting them from the port to the yard, and landing safely.

3.) EIC was supervising the process of loading goods onto trucks, transporting them to the port, and unloading the barges from Long An port to Cai Cung port – Bac Lieu.

4.) EIC was supervising the process of unloading goods from barges, loading trucks, and transporting them to the project’s construction site.


Here are some pictures at Long An International Port area:


Chào đón chuyến tàu chở thiết bị đầu tiên về cảng Quốc tế Long An

Welcome the first equipment ship to Long An International Port


Has anyone seen how the actual propellers is lined up on the boat? This wing has a length of 73m


Transporting turbine components from the port to the yard


Landing safely



Nguyen Quang Huy

Nguyen Quang Huy




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