EIC cung cấp dịch vụ kiểm định hàng rời trong lô hàng tro bay xuất khẩu

EIC accompanies Customer' first fly ash shipment to foreign countries

Although the situation of the Covid 19 epidemic is complicated, moving is complex, the entrance and exit procedures face many obstacles, but the inspectors of Cargo Line Department 2. – Goods still try to complete the job well and contribute Successfully exported the first shipment of Orient Wealth Company Limited abroad – marking an important milestone in solving the problem of ash and slag consumption at Vinh Tan Thermal Power Center.

Click here to see details of the article in the online newspaper Enterprise Culture published on July 19, 2021.

The photos and moments about the ship and the work recorded during the operation of the Inspector – Cargo Line Department 2.


The ship NACC ITACA docked at Vinh Tan International on July 10, 2021, viewed from the rear with many shimmering lights. We work arduously; the inspector still has to be done regardless of whether a train is coming in or out.


Welcome banner for the ship NACC ITACA of the exporter – Orient Wealth Co., Ltd. for the first trip abroad.


The fly ash tank truck is connected to the ship, preparing to load the cargo onto the ship, the cargo is loaded and unloaded by pumping from the tank truck onto the ship.


Before the tank truck loaded the cargo onto the ship, the EIC surveyor took a sample of fly ash to serve the analysis of the fly ash composition at the request of the customer.


EIC inspectors take samples from tank mouths.

In addition to enduring waves, the inspection work hours of the night now has the added difficulty of working at height and in a dusty environment.


The inspector works very carefully because the tank mouths are high on the truck, and the fly ash is very dusty.

The last tank trucks have been delivered to make room for the EIC surveyor to perform the final draft assessment to determine the amount of cargo on board, as a basis for the owner of the goods to make a bill of lading and issue a permit. The ship leaves the port and makes an appointment to meet the EIC surveyor on the following shipments.



Bui Bach Nhat

Bui Bach Nhat




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