Inspection of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Liquefied Gas

We are providing professional inspection services to help our clients proactively control for the loss of goods during transport, loss prevention and quality assurance from the port of discharge to the port of loading, ... Besides, our inspection services of quantity, specification, quality also have an important implication in order to objectively show the obligation performance of the seller, the suppliers and the producer with their commitments stated in the contract or L / C. The inspection results also provide a basis for imports and exports customs clearance.

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Inspection of materials, equipment and machinery

To strictly control the quality of imported machinery and equipment in a shipment as well as timely loss/damaged and incorrect quantity/quality of goods, it is crucial to call for an inspection organization. In addition, the inspection service is required to be carried out immediately at the departure/discharge ports, onboard the transportation, border gates and to the construction site/factory.


Inspection of goods and mineral products

With the high amount of exported/imported goods and value, the even a loss in a small amount can significantly affect the economic interests. Therefore, in commercial business, the signatories are highly recommended to designate an independent organization, which is neutral, capable and prestige to conduct inspection services. The designated inspection organization will help the related parties ensure the origin/quality/quantity as consistent with in the contract and regulations of the state. Also, the issued results should show the actual status and value of goods, especially it could help the related parties to protect the value, minimize risks and commercial losses.


Marine survey services

The determination of suitability condition, capable of transporting cargoes on the river and sea of vessels is a prerequisite to ensure operation condition and safety for both people and assets. EIC must exploit all the methods of inspection to satisfy the requirements of the ship-owners, agents, carriers and enterprises.

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