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Information About Service

The accurate determination of the volume of liquid goods, petroleum, petroleum products, LPG, LNG, post-processed products, chemicals, etc., will help businesses reduce the loss of goods in their operations production and business activities, thereby that helping to improve economic efficiency and increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

With specialized and modern equipment combined with advanced software and a team of experts with in-depth expertise, experience, and solid knowledge, EIC provides inspection and calibration services and makes a volume lookup table for all types of tanks with high accuracy by measuring techniques using measuring techniques the latest technology today.

Hình ảnh giám định viên EIC đang làm việc giới thiệu dịch vụ kiểm định, hiệu chuẩn các bồn/ bể, hệ thống tuyến ống của công ty EIC.

Main Services

1.) Verification and calibration of Vertical Pillar tanks;

2.) Inspecting and calibrating the tanks;

3.) Inspection and calibration of Bridge tanks;

4.) Inspection and calibration of an oil pipeline system.

Methods of implementation

1.) Volumetric method: Using water to perform verification and calibration work.

2.) Geometric methods were performed using a Leica TCRA1200+ R1000, and current national standards regulate the kit.

Hình ảnh giám định viên đang làm việc minh hoạ dịch vụ kiểm định, hiệu chuẩn các bồn/ bể, hệ thống tuyến ống của công ty EIC.
Hình ảnh giám định viên công ty EIC đang làm việc.

Legal Competence

1.) Registration certificate to provide inspection, calibration, and testing of measuring instruments and standards.

2.) To decide on the appointment of an organization to verify, calibrate and test measuring instruments and measurement standards.

3.) Metrology inspectors are granted cards according to the State’s regulations.

Instructions for Ordering Services by Online

Step 1: Customers click here to go to the Submit Service Request page.

Step 2: You fill in relevant information such as full name, title, company, email address, phone number, and subject to be calibrated and verified.

Step 3: After entering all information, please click the “Send Request” button to submit the request.

Immediately after receiving the request to order services via this Online form, EIC‘s professional department will contact you directly and support the earliest consultation!

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