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A wholehearted and trusted partner of your business

Dedicated & RELIABLE

EIC - Firm foundation

EIC has constantly strived and affirmed its brand with many domestic and foreign partners during more than a decade of establishment and development.

EIC was developed by the Energy Department of PetroVietnam Maintenance and Repair Corporation (PVMR). EIC has a powerful team of experienced managers, qualified experts, and assessors from PVMR.

We have a significant advantage in making a difference in people and human resources management systems: specialized, flexible, and straightforward.

Hinh anh cac thanh vien quan ly cong ty eic
Hình ảnh trao giải cho các thành viên xuất sắc của Công ty Cổ phần Giám Định Năng Lượng Việt Nam (EIC).

Quality & Satisfaction

EIC has a foundation of sustainable development and innovative business criteria. We have gradually built a brand and are known as one of the most prestigious and reliable units in the Vietnamese inspection market.

Besides, the Company has focused on deploying and applying advanced and modern technologies. As a result, EIC implements projects in the shortest time with the highest quality criteria. We consider it a prerequisite for survival and development.

With 13 years of experience in campaigning in the market economy, we are very confident in our business management skills. We also focus on developing the best technical capacity with the motto of always putting the customer first. Partners highly appreciate EIC’s projects for quality, progress, and safety throughout the implementation process.

EIC has been and will not stop providing high-quality services and the best after-sales to bring the highest satisfaction to customers.

Hình ảnh thuyền buồm tượng trưng cho khát vọng hoài bão vươn ra biển lớn của công ty EIC.

Reaching out to the great sea

EIC has a streamlined organization, modern and scientific management methods suitable for the market system, highly qualified managers, experienced workaholic technicians, skilled technical workers, modern and synced equipment, and stable financial resources. In the not-too-distant future, we believe that EIC will become the leading prestigious and professional unit in Vietnam.

With a kind attitude, always taking responsibility for ourselves, and dedicated project, EIC is looking for and wishes to connect more customers and partners to accompany us on the path of “Reaching out to the great sea.”


Vietnam Energy Inspection Corporation

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EIC's Mission

1.) EIC services are required to ensure the “quality, health, safety and environment” criteria.

2.) To become the most trusted customer partner by providing a full range of diversified services.

3.) We are bringing customers valuable long-term benefits by implementing business development strategies in compliance with the provisions of Vietnamese laws and international standards.

4.) Create long-term and sustainable cooperative relationships with capable partners. From there, it helps to create more and more valuable services. In addition, we also offer optimal solutions for customers in the field of inspection, verification, calibration & testing.

5.) Giving employees a dynamic, effective working environment and more opportunities to develop their capabilities, create the best benefits, and share them harmoniously for employees, shareholders, and the community based on human values and sustainable development.

hinh anh thuyen buom vuon ra bien

EIC's Vision

1.) To become the leading technical analysis service provider in Vietnam.

2.) It has a high international reputation, is a symbol of trust, best meets all requirements of partners and customers.

Core Values

1. Sincerity is the expression of Righteousness.

2. Cooperation is the expression of Concord among the people.

3. Responsibility is the expression of Faith.

4. Justice is an expression of Integrity.

5. Pioneer is the expression of Intelligent and Courageous.

EIC's Organization Structure

EIC's Organization Structure

EIC's Legal capacity


TCVN ISO 9001:2015


VIAS 016 - Head office


VIAS 016 - Northern branch


VIAS 016 - Central branch


VIAS 016 - South East Branch


VILAS 483 - Ho Chi Minh Laboratory


VILAS 483 - Central Laboratory


VILAS 483 - Quang Ninh Laboratory


VILAS 483 - Hai Phong Laboratory


ISO/IEC 17025:2017