Vietnam Energy Inspection Corporation (EIC) offers independent services in the field of commercial inspection. Currently, EIC has 01 laboratory and a network of 05 offices allocating in the big cities, main ports and trading centers through out Vietnam. We are about to strive for the common goals of our company in particular and for the clients’ and society’s expectations in general. Our core provided services are divided into:
  • Inspection of petroleum, liquefied gas and chemicals;
  • Sample management, analysis and testing;
  • Measurement and calibration;
  • Inspection of machinery and equipment;
  • Inspection of goods, agricultural and industial products;
  • Marine and technical inspection.

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EIC partners with a wide range of diverse clients to provide our specialized business solutions, from organizations and trading intermediaries to the insurance company, the transportation, institutions, financial companies, banks and other related consulting firm…

As an independent inspection organization, EIC always adhere to the principle of professional, independence and objectivity in all activities with honesty in codes of ethics for clients. Through its cooperation with global partners and corporate network EIC have focused in new technology to provide its clients with advanced solution and complete process equipment, technical services and specialty materials serving for their needs to develop a project in every stage from a conceptual design upto operation.

In recent years, with efforts and achievements in our business activities, EIC is considered as a sustainably developing and reputable inspection organization in both local and international. In the present context with competition in inspection services, EIC still standing because EIC provides high quality and professional services and we have built credibility to our clients. These achievements are the result from constantly improving service quality with innovative and creative solutions, contributing to increase of business efficiency for our clients and partners, especially from the great notable achievements of EIC staff.

We are confident to satisfy our clients’ requirements where Quality-Health-Safety and Environment are vital. This is the basis and premise for the development and sustainable cooperative, long-term process of EIC integration and development as well as a mandate for our staff in building the core value of EIC.


To become one of leading service provider in inspection sector, with expertise, quality services, innovative technology solutions in domestic and global markets.

To be the most competitive and to consistently deliver unequalled service to our clients.

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Quality, health, safety, and environment are mandatory in all quality services of EIC.

Becoming most reliable partner of clients by providing a full range of products and extensive services. Gives clients compelling benefits, long-term through a strategic deployment of business development compliance with Vietnam laws and international standards.

Creative and dynamic solutions with direct involvement of EIC management response timely the clients’ requirement.

Long term and friendly cooperation with capable partners create more value added services and optimized solutions to the clients in inspection sector.

To provide our employees a working environment with dynamic, efficient and more opportunities to develop self-capacity, contribute value and build a successful career. All EIC employees are devoted for both national and global energy development program.


  • Professional
  • Value added
  • Efficient
  • Innovative
  • Cost Effective
  • Objectivity
  • Independent